Become a Volunteer


√ Complete the volunteer application

√ Attend one or more levels of orientation


Thank you for your interest in volunteering. You can sign up for a community event or become an official AAF volunteer by completing the volunteer application and attending one or more levels of orientation.  We prefer that anyone interested in volunteering with the AAF sign up online but if you do not have the ability to do so, you can compelte a paper form of the volunteer application in person at the shetler at the time of orientation.


Your future with AAF may involve serving as a shelter volunteer, specializing in cat or dog care, fostering a pet in your home, joining an AAF committee, or more. Feel free to start in one role and let us know if you would like to try a different role. AAF offers a unique approach to volunteering by allowing volunteers to determine which opportunities fit their interests, goals, and availability.


AAF welcomes Junior Volunteers who are under the age or 15 and volunteer alongside their responsible  adult. The adult will complete the secure online volunteer application and attend New Volunteer Orientation with the Junior Volunteer. It is very important to note that a child under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by one of their parents.  If you are looking to bring along a child outside of the immediate family, that child's parent will have to be in attendance as well.  


To get started, complete the secure online volunteer application. You will receive an immediate confirmation with instructions for signing up for a new volunteer orientation. We refer to this volunteer orientation as “Level 1-New Volunteer Orientation” because it is the first step toward volunteering at AAF.


We do ask that everyone attending an orientation arrive a little early so that we can check you in and assign your badge and lainard.  


If you have trouble with the sign up, please email office@aafpets.org for assistance.

Volunteer Hours

Monday: 11am-6pm

Tuesday - Friday: 11am-7pm

Saturday: 11am-4pm

Sunday: 12pm-4pm

Here are just some of the volunteer opportunities needed at the AAF.


*Dog Walkers

*Cat Socialization

*General lobby, cat tree cleaning, toy washing, etc.

Special events (yard sale, charity auction, etc.)

Landscaping/weed pulling

Front desk help

Fostering pets

Bottle feeders (newborn kittens)

Car rides for doggies/field trips


Folding laundry

Specific talents (web-site design, photography, grant writing, etc.)

Adoption Counselors




Thank you for all the ways you help the animals. Whether you serve in direct animal care or help behind the scenes, the AAF depends on your support. Thank you!

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Jan 10, 2019
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