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√ Complete the volunteer application

√ Attend one or more levels of orientation


Thank you for your interest in volunteering. You can sign up for a community event or become an official AAF volunteer by completing the volunteer application and attending one or more levels of orientation.


Your future with AAF may involve serving as a shelter volunteer, specializing in cat or dog care, fostering a pet in your home, joining an AAF committee, or more. Feel free to start in one role and let us know if you would like to try a different role. AAF offers a unique approach to volunteering by allowing volunteers to determine which opportunities fit their interests, goals, and availability.


To get started, complete the secure online volunteer application. You will receive an immediate confirmation with instructions for signing up for a new volunteer orientation. We refer to this volunteer orientation as “Level 1-New Volunteer Orientation” because it is the first step toward volunteering at AAF.


If you have trouble with the sign up, please email office@aafpets.org for assistance.

Volunteer Hours

Monday: 11am-6pm

Tuesday - Friday: 11am-7pm

Saturday: 11am-4pm

Sunday: 12pm-4pm

Volunteer of the Month - March

Sharon Ollinger



Sharon started volunteering at AAF about 7 years ago.  She has always loved dogs and after her involvement with the cats and kittens at AAF, her love has expanded to both.

Sharon presently serves on AAF’s Board of Directors and has held the offices of Vice President and President.  She is the Foster Care Coordinator for the shelter, teaches bottle feeding classes, is the board representative on the dog care committee, is helping to form the cat care committee and volunteers behind the front desk answering the phone and greeting people as they come to the shelter.  We have several scout troops come to the shelter to earn badges or to learn about an animal shelter. Sharon loves to spend time with them telling them about the shelter and what rescue is. During kitten season she includes in the tour, demonstrations on how our fosters care for the young kittens

When she started fostering, we really didn't have a structured foster program and Sharon was instrumental in developing our present foster program.   We now have a kitten and cat foster program with between 18 and 22 active fosters at any one time.  Most of Sharon’s time is devoted to our cats and kittens, and now with kitten season starting, kittens will be her focus. “ I am very comfortable taking the really young ones that require ‘round the clock bottle feeding, and the ones that require special care with physical or medical needs,” she says but quickly adds that the success of our foster program is a direct result of the caring, dedicated volunteers that give of themselves to take care of these animals[SO1] ” Sharon has recently started in our I-CARE program with the goal of spending more time with our dogs.  Something she looks forward to.

Sharon says she loves working with the other volunteers in our foster program and is always proud of the dedication that everyone has to offer AAF.  “I guess you could say I am an ambassador for AAF because I talk about it to anyone who will listen.”  She started our reading program to the cats, which helps greatly in their socialization and reduces stress for them, along with exposing the groups who take part in the program to the importance of volunteers,

“Assisting our Animal Care Director is another part of my volunteer responsibilities that gives me great satisfaction.  This not only gives me lots of time with our furry shelter residents and working with the fosters, but I have contact with the young women of our Kennel Staff. They are such an important part of AAF and do such important work in the care of our dogs and cats.  I love working with them”

“I am always trying to learn more about animal care and behavior so that I can continue to bring new ideas to AAF, and be more effective in what I do there.”

“For me to pick a favorite thing that I do for AAF is almost impossible because I find great satisfaction in most everything that I do there.  Without a doubt, fostering is a big part of my involvement with the shelter from caring for my own foster animals, working with the fosters, training new fosters and being a support whenever I am needed.  But just as important are the people that I volunteer with and the ones that come in to our facility.  In the short time that I have been with AAF, I have made deep meaningful friendships with people who share the same passion for rescue that I do.  To be able to care for and love the animals that have been entrusted to us and do it with such great people is more than I could ever have asked for.  I also have to add one thing: I couldn't do what I do without the support of my husband Greg, who also volunteers at AAF.”

Thank you, Sharon, for all you do!